307 Orchard City Drive, Suite 206, Campbell, CA 95008

Luscombe Engineering of San Francisco and Bridge Marketing are now LuscomBridge – Representation Reimagined!

In the bustling business landscape of 2024, a strategic and transformative merger unfolded as Luscombe Engineering of San Francisco joined forces with Bridge Marketing. This merger marked a pivotal moment in both businesses, creating a synergy that promised to redefine industry standards and set new benchmarks for innovation and collaboration among manufacturers’ representatives.


This union between Luscombe Engineering and Bridge Marketing was driven by a shared vision of harnessing their respective strengths to offer comprehensive solutions to their principals, customers, and distributor partners. The merger was characterized by a seamless integration of technical ability and creative marketing strategies. The newly formed entity aimed to leverage both companies into a best-in-class rep in Northern California and Nevada. The leadership teams of both organizations worked collaboratively to ensure a smooth transition, focusing on aligning corporate cultures, streamlining operations, and maximizing the collective potential of their talent pool. The result was a unified and forward-thinking company that aimed to provide end-to-end solutions, from engineering marvels to effective marketing campaigns.